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Faribo Air Conditioning and Heating Customer Testimonial

Charles Spoore was very happy with service he received. He commented he had contractor there several times for same problem with no results. He told our technician what noises the furnace was making. Our technician immediately looked at furnace and showed him the problem. Part was ordered and replaced and he no longer has that noise. Technician also noticed problem with burners and repaired that as well.

Thank you Charles! We are so happy you received great service!

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Jim Payne
Jim Payne
27 dic 2022

I am a 68 year old Army disabled Veteran and for the past year after having back surgery because of being hurt back in 1973 while working on a helicopter. I have been fighting with the DAV since September of 2021. I have been having problems with my furnace over Christmas and I called this morning to Faribo heating and they had a young 21 year man come to my house and he worked on it for over two hours and even had to go to their shop for a part that he needed. He came upstairs to let me know it was all fixed. I was very happy and was going to pay the bill and young Jackson look…

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